June is the month when I’ve been supposed to be reading the next book in Dorothy Richardson’s “Pilgrimage” – “Revolving Lights”. However, I confess I’ve got a bit behind and in all honesty I shan’t finish it this month so the review will follow in July.


There are a couple of reasons for the hiccup: firstly, I spent a *looong* time reading a review book “The Glory of the Empire” from NYRB and so got quite behind; and secondly, “Revolving Lights” itself. Having glided through the last Richardson, this one is proving much harder – the opening chapter is an enormous stream of consciousness one, where you have to guess who’s talking about who and what most of the time and it isn’t an easy read. I’m not going to beat myself up and force myself to read it quickly just to meet a deadline – I’ll probably do as others on the Virago group are doing and space it out a bit it a time while reading something else. Much as I admire Richardson’s work, at the end of the day writing a book is about communicating *something* and there are times I wish she’d made things a little easier for the reader….