We are comfortably into (i.e. nearing the end…) phase 3 of HeavenAli’s rather wonderful #Woolfalong, and this covers shorter works and short stories. When I went to check out what I had, I realised that I’d read a fair bulk of Woolf’s shorter works quite recently, so I thought I would share links to a few of my reviews here.

woolf stories

Woolf didn’t published a huge amount of short stories during her lifetime, but “Monday or Tuesday” was one of them. In July last year I read the volume “Selected Short Stories” which brought together that volume (together with original woodcuts by Vanessa Bell) with several other pieces. I was bowled over, of course, and wrote about it here.


One of Woolf’s recurring characters was Clarissa Dalloway; first making an appearance in “The Voyage Out”, she of course dominated the novel that bore her name, and there are several short stories that concern the party described in that work. Earlier in 2015 I read the small book that collected them, “Mrs. Dalloway’s Party” – my thoughts are here.


And finally, in Summer 2014 I read the short story “Kew Gardens” in – Kew Gardens! I didn’t say much about the story, but you can read about my day here!

Basically, I tend to think that Woolf was the master of whatever form she adopted, and short stories are no exception. The next phase is auto/biography and I’m hoping very much to read “Orlando” for the first time in decades – thanks to Ali for her wonderful Woolfian initiative! 🙂