A quick heads-up that the latest issue of the newly-streamlined, every-two-months Shiny New Books is live today!


I have a few reviews featured in this edition, and for today I shall point you in the direction of my Teffi coverage which is in the Reprints section.



First up is Teffi’s wonderful memoir “Memories: From Moscow to the Black Sea”. I said of this:

Teffi is never anything less than a captivating narrator, and reading this I couldn’t help wishing she was somebody I had been able to make the acquaintance of.

To read more of this review, pop over to Shiny here.






The second Teffi I covered was her marvellous collection “Rasputin and other Ironies”. As I say,

Teffi was a master of the short form, and the pieces gathered here are arranged chronologically to build up a picture of her life.

The rest of the review can be found here.





So do pay a visit to Shiny New Books – you’ll have a great read, and your TBR mountain can only get bigger….. 🙂