It’s been a little while since I posted about new arrivals, mainly because I’ve been trying to de-book the house a bit – and I *have* been very good about taking as many as I can carry to the charity shop each week. However, a flying visit to Leicester over half term inevitably meant trips to the charity shops there – in particular the Loros and Age Concern bookshops – although I’m pleased to report I was surprisingly restrained!

ch shop leics

These were my finds – the lovely early green Virago of Surfacing came from the Age Concern and replaced my modern copy (which I’ve donated to Middle Child!); and the Galsworthy short story collection was from the Loros. Yes, I know I fell off the wagon with the Forsyte challenge, but I *do* want to return to the books when the time is right.

The other two discoveries came from a new source to me – Clarendon Books, just round the corner from the charity shops. Despite numerous visits to Leicester, I’ve somehow never made to this one, which is surprising as it’s kind of perfect. A tiny little shop crammed to the gills with the sort of books I love, I was lucky to get out with just two – a lovely paperback of an obscure Colette I haven’t read, and a book I once owned, The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes. So some lovely Leicester finds!

We also popped into the Waterstones – a nicely stocked one, but I have to say that I think my local Ipswich branch has the edge. The latter stock a wider range of publishers and I think use their shop and window space more creatively. However, as the only bookselling chain which seems to have a national high street presence, I certainly think they need support and so I purchased this:


The fact that I already own a battered old Penguin of this is irrelevant… Because if I’m honest I’m actually finding it harder to read smaller, older books with small type, a fact that’s become clear with my recent reading of a particular Hermann Hesse book. This looks to have bigger, cleaner, better set out pages and I think I’ll be more inclined to pick it up sooner because of the relative physical ease of reading it’ll bring. Hope so, anyway!

And there have been some other arrivals – some purchases and some review books – here are a few:

rev and recent

An intriguing little pile, no? So, what to read next!