It somehow doesn’t seem possible, but Shiny New Books has reached issue 8. It’s live now here, so I’d encourage you to go and read – instantly! It won’t be good for your wishlist, but there’s going to be plenty to enjoy.

I have supplied a few reviews this time, and I’ll point you to them over the coming weeks. For today, I’d like to highlight a lovely new volume from Alma Classics, “The Same Old Story” by Ivan Goncharov.


My review opens: Russian author Ivan Goncharov is known to most Anglophone readers for his novel Oblomov; indeed, with that book he created a stereotype who’s become famous in his own right in Russian culture, ‘the superfluous man’. Oblomov himself personifies that type, and Goncharov is possibly considered a one-trick pony by many readers; certainly, I was unaware that the author had written anything else, and so the publication of his first novel under the title The Same Old Story by Alma Classics came as a very welcome surprise.

To read more, go here – and don’t forget to check out all the lovely new reviews on Shiny!