I suppose Virginia Woolf is not going to need any introduction to those pass by the Ramblings – I’ve written about her several times, and my love of all things Bloomsbury is well-known. So I was very excited when I heard that lovely blogger HeavenAli was planning a year-long read of Woolf’s works, which she’s titled #Woolfalong.


Ali has a separate page on her blog here with a nice schedule for the year, and the first two months are concentrating on the seminal works “Mrs. Dalloway” and “To the Lighthouse”. As I’ve read both of these relatively recently, I shan’t re-read (though I am looking forward to joining in later in the year). However, I thought I would do a short post linking to my reviews of these two books and I’d encourage everyone to join in with the #Woolfalong – it promises to be a wonderful event and thoroughly enjoyable!

“Mrs. Dalloway”

dallowayI re-read this wonderful book and reviewed it a year or so ago, and concluded: “Mrs. Dalloway” is in my mind a work of genius. On my first read I was simply dazzled, but second time around the book is just as stunning but I can appreciate her artistry more.

My full review is here.



“To The Lighthouse”

lighthouseI took the opportunity to revisit TTL while Youngest Child was studying it, and at the time I thought: “No short review or summary can really do justice to this rich and complex novel.”

Further thoughts here.