As I’ve probably mentioned before, Christmas is usually a bookish time for me as all my friends and family know how much I loved the printed word… Plus I have a birthday quite close to Christmas so there’s often double bookishness at this time of year; and I have been particularly lucky this festive season, so without further ado here are some snaps!
patti First up a couple of treats from in-laws in the form of Patti Smith’s latest volume, M Train, plus her Collected Lyrics. As I’ve loved Smith and her work for 40 years, this is rather wonderful!

hughesNext up a birthday lovely from my brother and his family – being a huge fan of Robert Hughes, this was essential, particularly as it contains some unpublished work. Plus it’s a lovely big American hardback with rough cut pages – fab!

vam,pioreEldest Child spoiled me with a book from my wishlist, an obscure Easter European classic I read about somewhere (who knows where?) which does sound rather fascinating.

wintonMy old friend V sent me a Tim Winton book I haven’t read (and I think she’s sent me Winton before). Another one that sounds intriguing!


And my dear friend J sent me a beautiful hardback of Hamsun’s Hunger, a book I really want to read, so this has arrived at just the right time!

orwellAll three offspring gifted me George Orwell’s poetry collection which, as an Orwell completist, I was really anxious to have!

vsssAs a member of the Virago LibraryThing group I take part in their Virago Secret Santa, and I was lucky enough this year to receive two beautiful volumes from my wishlist from Cushla – very excited about these, and thank you Cushla!

My dear friend J came up with a wonderful idea for my birthday – in the form of a personalised handmade book! I had stumbled across mention of a Beverley Nichols article on his apparent relationship to Jane Austen and we were keen to track down a copy. J managed to find one in the Charing Cross Road bookshops and put together a little handmade book containing the article – here is the inside:

beverley insideNeedless to say, the article is wonderful and pure Beverley, which had me giggling madly – thank you J!


OH has also been beavering away madly on the book front and came up trumps with several titles, including the lovely Escher collection above and the Groucho book below:

grouchoHe also came up trumps with some wonderful finds, in the form of E.C. Bentley:

bentley1Beautiful editions of his three ‘Trent’ detective stories (which I’ve been really keen to read for absolutely ages) and also his Complete Clerihews (a form of humorous biographical verse named after him). These are just wonderful and I was so chuffed!

bentleyPhew! What a lot of wonderful books and I’m so lucky to have family and friends that know me well! The final few photos are some bookish-related gifts – the necklace from OH and the tote bag from Middle Child, both of whom have taken on board this blog’s title and used it for personalised gifts!

bag nnecklace

bag back

necklace close up

I’ve been awfully spoiled this year, and Christmas has been a lovely end to what has been an up and down year. I hope your festivities have been lovely, and now I’m left with that eternal bookish problem – what to read next?! πŸ™‚