I’ve had a week of feeling under the weather (the usual seasonal cold….) and reading has been a bit of a struggle. But with Christmas in sight, I thought it might be a good time to catch up with something a little less taxing in the form of some magazines.


I tend not to read high-street glossies, because there are few that actually hold my attention. I’m occasionally drawn to something crafty, but so often these focus just on card making or crochet, neither of which are really my thing.

However, I do subscribe to two lovely journals, both of which are wonderful reading but which are very different! First up is the Manchester Modernist Magazine. I can’t even recall how I first stumbled across this lovely little indy mag, but I’ve been subscribing since issue 1; it carries features on all sorts of brutalist and modernist architecture and the like and it’s a great read.


The second is probably known to many readers of this blog, and that’s Slightly Foxed, a wonderful literary journal. It’s packed with wonderful bookish pieces of a bite-sized length and makes ideal browsing. It’s also very bad for the wish list!


And if you add in the most recent Persephone Biannually mags which I have lying about, that makes a bit of a backlog… Time for some catching up! 🙂