No doubt you’re all happily reading your way through the latest Shiny New Books, picking up lots of tips on what to read next! I thought I would recommend a book I reviewed there, one I might not necessarily have chosen for myself, but which I really enjoyed – “The Folly”  by Ivan Vladislavic.


It’s an absolutely fascinating tale of mind over matter, and I started my review as follows:

We all know the fable of the Emperor’s New Clothes, a tale that shows not only just how gullible we human beings are, but also the power of words and the ability for self-deception. Although it’s an old story, we still constantly delude ourselves today, and that’s the concept behind Ivan Vladislavic’s thought-provoking novel The Folly.

To read the rest of the review, pop over here. If you like quirky and entertaining fiction with plenty going on below the surface, this might well be a good one for you!