Yes, it’s time to reveal the winners of the Wintry Giiveaway! I’ve drawn the names from the bag, and in fact I couldn’t find the Waterstones one in the end so I had to resort to this one from Skoob!


So, (drum roll) the winners are:

gibbons comfort xmas

For the Stella Gibbons, it’s Jacquiwine!


For the Hoeg, it’s poppypeacockpens!

xmas carol

And for the Dickens, it’s Tracey!

Well done all, and if you’d like to send me your addresses at kaggsysbookishramblings (at) gmail (dot) com, I’ll get the books sent out.

Thanks to everyone who entered and for all your wonderful suggestions – I just wish I could give books away to the world! 😀