Lest anyone should think I was making a big fuss about not being able to find Colette’s works, and that there are tons of her books out there and I just need to look harder – well, I thought I would post some pictures of books I *do* have so you could see that I have indeed searched out many but this is not everything she wrote!

colette pile

And here they are in all their glory – two piles, actually, and you’re meant to ignore the fact that I have three sets of the Claudine books….

colette pile 1

Here is pile 1 with some of the aforesaid multiple Claudines, plus biographies and books about Colette.

colette pile 2And here is pile 2 – more lovely books about Colette, plus the gorgeous Penguin matching editions of many of her works. But this is *not* everything she wrote – she was very prolific – and she most definitely deserves a complete works in English!

You might have noted this in the first pile:

colette letters

camilledefleurville commented about Colette’s letters on my last post, and I was sure I had some – which indeed I do, published by Virago. Alas it’s only selected letters but that’s better than nothing. Oddly enough, BuriedInPrint mentioned Robert Phelps in a comment, and oddly enough Robert Phelps has translated more than just this Colette, so there’s another spooky link!

So as you can see, I *do* own a lot of Colette – but you can never have too many of her books! 🙂