… to everyone who left such kind comments on my post about the loss of my father. All your lovely words were so much appreciated.

It *has* been a hard week, supporting mum and trying to come to terms with things. The offspring and OH have of course been wonderful and although there is much grief, there is also a sense of relief that he’s no longer suffering. Dad had had several small strokes over the years, becoming ever more frail, and seeing someone you love lose their faculties is painful. Mum had taken on the burden of caring for him, and although she’s lost her life partner, she has memories of an amazing life of travelling, living, bringing up her children, all with my dad.


Dad always had a great love of travel and rambling, and we’ll be seeing him off on his final voyage next week. Meantime, we’re trying to get back as close to normal as possible as he’d want that. So thanks once again for your kind words, all.