I missed out on my usual visit to charity shops last weekend as we had to hop off to Leicester to fetch home Youngest Child for the summer (and say a fleeting hello to Middle and Eldest Child). However, I decided I *would* donate a few more big books today so of course I had to cast an eye over the shelves in the Samaritan’s Book Cave just to see if there was anything of interest. And indeed there was…


I’ve been on the look out for more of Williams’ books since loving his “Two and Half Men inΒ a Boat” recently – in particular any of the Wimbledon Poisoner series. So although I’m going off collected omnibus volumes, the three books in one for Β£1 was impossible to resist. The books have seen a bit of wear and water, I think, but will be fine as a reading copy!

And in the Oxfam, this caught my eye:


Not that I’m really *collecting* these vintage Penguin poetry collections or anything (ahem!) – but this looked intriguing and too good to miss. There’s an amazing array of poets included and I’m going to try to train myself to dip into things like this, instead of thinking I have to read them all the way through!

So – five chunksters out and two in (I’m counting the Williams as one!)

socialist poison

But I think I will try to improve the ratio a little more in future….