But very much in a good way!

The reason being that I popped into a charity shop today (what’s new? I hear you cry?) Well, this was one of three which are at the far end of the Big Town and which I don’t usually go to. However, I *was* passing today and stuck my head round the door on the off-chance… And almost missed this:

foxed 1

This unassuming looking little volume is in fact a Slightly Foxed hardback – a thing of great loveliness and certainly not the kind of thing that you’d expect in a charity shop! It’s “The Past is Myself” by Christabel Bielenberg and it’s most definitely one of the SF editions I would choose to read – so it came home with me at the bargain price of £2.50!

foxed 2

I’ve resisted the Slightly Foxed books simply because they’re so lovely and I would want to collect the whole lot if I bought one. Oh dear – what have I done…. :s