One of my favourite places in London, alongside Foyles and the Bloomsbury Oxfam, is the rather lovely LRB bookshop in Bury Place, just round the corner from the British Museum:

lrb shopIt’s a small but wonderfully packed bookshop, featuring all sorts of lovelies and of course many of my favourite smaller presses (Pushkin, NYRB and the like). One of the joys of visiting the shop is the table displays, always guaranteed to have something interesting on them which you’ve not heard of before. Plus their cafe serves glorious tea!

I was passing through London yesterday on a hideous journey home (Bank Holiday weekend train cancellations and substitute coaches forcing me to take an inordinately long route) and so I made time to visit Foyles, the Oxfam and of course the LRB. I was very restrained, only buying one book and that in the latter – and was delighted to be offered a bag!


How nice! and the strap kind of matches the colour scheme of the book I purchased (an NYRB title – “The Professor and The Siren” by Giuseppe Tomasi De Lampedusa, author of “The Leopard” – which contains some short pieces by him).

The staff in the shop are always friendly and helpful – if you’re ever in London and looking for a bookshop it’s a great place to go!