I *do* love my lovely local library though I confess I borrow less than I used to; this is probably because my reading habits are a little erratic, and I don’t like having a time limit on a particular volume. Β I’m constantly borrowing and then taking back because my mood has changed and the borrowed book isn’t in tune with my current literary vibe.

However, the local branch came up trumps last year when they ordered in a load of lovely British Library Crime Classics, and I was really pleased to find out more titles had arrived. I put them on reserve and these three lovelies were read for collection at the weekend:

bl crime

I’m particularly looking forward to reading “Resorting to Murder” – I only wish I could be sitting in the sun on the English Riviera while I did so!

And I was very good in the charity shops this weekend after last week’s binge, just picking up one volume:


This was from the Samaritans Book Cave too and seems to have oodles of praise everywhere. Since I like European fiction very much, let’s hope it’s one for me!

It hasn’t all been incoming, though – I have four large boxes in the garage ready for collection by the Samaritans tomorrow! I confess, though, that while packing them up this morning I did salvage two titles for possible future reading:


There’s a reason for this… I grabbed these two from the charity shops ages ago when I thought I might like to explore Oates’ work. Then I decided I would never get round to reading them so I would donate them. Then I read my first Oates (this morning!) in the form of a NetGalley review e-book and liked it so much I figured I would try these ones too! However, when I’ll get round to them is another matter…. πŸ™‚