I’ve often learned to my cost that if I don’t grab a bargain in a charity shop when I see it, the book will most likely be gone if I return a week later, kicking myself for hesitating.

And last week I hesitated – despite buying the lovely Trollopes with the retro covers, and contemplating the collectability of the designs, I *didn’t* bring home a copy of “Persuasion” from the same series. And yes, I kicked myself. And yes I went back to the Oxfam yesterday. And yes (thank goodness!) it was still there so it came home with me!


“Persuasion” is my favourite Austen – so I’m glad I finally got it. I don’t suppose four books really count as a collection, and I’m not going to scour the Internet for copies. But if I see any interesting titles in this series, they really will come home with me….

I did think I was doing quite well this weekend, as I took in five (large) volumes to donate, so the ratio of in/out books was a good one. However, on the way to my bus, I spotted that one of the local building societies was having a charity book sale. And since every blogger I know raves about Shirley Jackson, it would have been impolite not to bring this home:


So the ratio is still good and having actually given away some books I feel empowered to clear out even more!


Meanwhile, I thought I would point you to another couple of reviews I provided for the recent edition of Shiny News Books! The first is a non-fiction title, “Nairn’s London” by Ian Nairn. I’ve reviewed one of his other books here, but this is considered his best and it didn’t let me down.

nairnNairn’s a wonderfully opinionated author, with a real passion for what he writes about – you can read more here.

dear readerThe other book I covered turned out to be a real treat. “Dear Reader” by Paul Fournel is published by Pushkin Press in a lovely little edition, and it takes on the subject of e-reader vs paper in a very entertaining way. However, I was very excited to find out that Fournel is an Oulipan, and the book is sprinkled with references to Calvino, Perec and the like. Find out more here.

Shiny New Books is of course stuffed full of reviews, recommendations and bookish stuff – you’ll most definitely come out of it with an expanded wish list! ๐Ÿ™‚