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I don’t often pick up on the memes floating about online, but this one is very appealing and as I’ve found the ones I’ve read on other people’s blogs (Stuck-in-a-Book, Annabel’s House of Books, Fleur Fisher in Her World) fascinating, I thought I’d have a go to see what this tells me about the Ramblings! So here goes…


Today is the birthday of author E.M. Forster…


Echo – by Anna Akhmatova

The roads to the past have long been closed
and what is the past to me now?
What is there? Bloody slabs,
or a bricked up door,
or an echo that still could not
keep quiet, although I ask so…
The same thing happened with the echo
as with what I carry in my heart


Every so often I feel the need to dive into a chunkster – I got through a few last year, including “Anna Karenina” and “The Brothers Karamazov”, as well as “Life: A User’s Manual”. All hefty tomes, but it’s so enjoyable to sink yourself into a big book and really wallow in it for a while, not worrying about rushing to finish it and letting all the other books go to the bottom of Mount TBR….. 🙂


Having really enjoyed my read of “Journey to the Centre of the Earth“, I’ve been keen to read another Verne – so stumbling across this Everyman edition of “Around the World in Eighty Days” in the local Oxfam book shop for 99p was rather timely!


Finnish author Tove Jansson is probably best known as the woman behind the Moomins – certainly, that’s how I’d heard of her, although I confess that I’ve never read (or watched) the adventures of the little white creatures!


Yes – that means I’m actually considering reading plans for this month; and we all know how disastrously things like that tend to go for me! For example, I honestly intended to take part in the LibraryThing Virago group’s First World War read-along – and I’ve totally failed to read even one book for that, despite having several on the shelves.


I love reading a new author for the first time, and Boll is one of those – although I have been aware of his name and work for a little while.


And let’s face it, I’m not knowing for succeeding with reading schedules! 🙂 However, August is the month designated by the LibraryThing Virago Modern Classics to read just Viragos (and Persephones, which are counted as honorary Viragos!).


… plus other niceness in London!

Yes, I managed to escape for another day out in the Big Smoke at the weekend – a joint visit to Kew Gardens and also the lovely bookshops of the Bloomsbury/Charing Cross Road area!


As I’ve mentioned before, way back in the early 1980s, in my early days of exploratory reading, I stumbled across the book “Literary Women” by Ellen Moers. It became a book that shaped my life in many ways, because it sent me off in pursuit of a number of women writers including Colette, Simone de Beauvoir (and then Sartre) and of course Virginia Woolf.


November is German Literature Month, hosted by Caroline at Beauty is a Sleeping Cat and Lizzy at Lizzy’s Literary Life. And what a good idea, because there’s so much wonderful German literature to be read and celebrated!


I don’t often wish I was in other countries (except when I’m having grand dreams of travelling round Europe and Russia by train!) but I confess that I would rather like to be in New York next week!

Hmm – so what does that all tell me about my reading year?

1. I’ve read a lot of Russians

2. I’ve read a lot of Germans

3. I’ve shopped quite a bit

4. I still love Virginia Woolf!

You can read the original posts by clicking on the links; I shall do a proper sort of round-up before the end of the year. Having kept a little spreadsheet of all I’ve read, it will be interesting to see what I think are my best reads of the year! 🙂