HeavenAli has declared this week as Willa Cather Reading Week – which is a remarkably good idea! πŸ™‚


Cather, of course, was a prolific author of novels and short stories, with many of her works being published as lovely green Virago Modern Classics. I have several of these lurking on Mount TBR, but it’s not them that I’ll be reading to celebrate her work…


You see, this week I was fortunate enough to be presented with a work tablety-type gizmo. Which I can use at home. Which has an e-reader and the Kindle App… So my first ever foray into digital reading is going to be the short story “Coming, Aphrodite!”, the first in the collection “Youth and the Bright Medusa”.

This could be interesting in more ways than one…. ! πŸ™‚