Well, I *had* plans for today’s post, as a rather important (in my mind, anyway) book is being published today and I had hoped to review it…


However, I have been in the grip of the grippe (or at least the worst head cold I’ve had for years) for the past week and frankly reading is virtually impossible. So alas, all I can do here is highlight the fact that the very wonderful Alma Classics are publishing today a newly-translated collection of Mikhail Bulgakov’s work under the title of “Notes on a Cuff”.


The title story has been available before, but the most exiting part of this volume is the fact it contains works not previously translated – so Anglophones like me are getting access to new Bulgakov!!

More will follow here when I am well enough to read and review – in the meantime, it’s back to the decongestants and the box of tissues – groan!