Mary Stewart, who sadly passed away earlier this year, is an author who’s much loved amongst the blogging circles I move in – so much so, that the lovely Anbolyn at Gudrun’s Tights is holding a second annual Mary Stewart Reading Week, running from September 14th – 21st.

My experience of reading Stewart stems from my teens when I was looking for books to make the transition from the Enid Blytons of my childhood to more adult works. I ended up raiding my mother’s collection of Jean Plaidy, Victoria Holt, Georgette Heyer – and of course Mary Stewart. The only ones I can remember clearly (well, relatively so!) were the Merlin novels – The Crystal Cave, The Hollow Hills and The Last Enchantment – which I absolutely loved. There were still only three titles when I read them though I believe there have been further additions to the series since I read them.


But I’ve wanted to revisit Stewart, especially after reading so many glowing comments about her work over recent years. So this reading week is the ideal time to do so, especially as I picked up a bargain set of Mary Stewart books from the Book People earlier in the year! I chose one of the books at random from this set, “Wildfire at Midnight”, and as it’s set on Skye it will tie in with my current Scottish leanings! So onward and upward with Mary Stewart Reading Week!