I have to confess that I don’t need much persuading to love libraries – after all, since I was very young I’ve been spending happy hours within their walls discovering all manner of wonderful books!

My local one, in the nearest Big Town, is a very well stocked one – in fact, county-wide there are plenty of Persephones and the like that I’m happy to borrow and enjoy, and the Reserve Stock always has little surprises.

However, the reason I’m currently singing their praises is these lovelies:

I’ve been very keen to read more of the British Library Crime Classics series, but a little reluctant to start buying lots of copies as I’m in the middle of a book cull. And I’m trying to be strict with myself and not obtaining books I suspect I’ll only read once. Alas, the local library had none of the titles available BUT I discovered that you can suggest books that you might like them to stock. So I hopefully sent off a little list of suggested BL titles and waited…

Lo and behold, a couple of weeks later the titles started appearing in the catalogue – and I instantly reserved them – and picked up the first three books they have in at the weekend! Talk about wonderful service – I am now reading brand new books which I really wanted to read courtesy of my amazing local library, with more to follow. How good is that?

So really, it can rain all it wants today – I’m having a happy Bank Holiday wallowing in classic crime! 🙂