I was delighted to find that not one but two of my favourite bloggers, Annabel and Victoria, have kindly nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger award – which is a lovely compliment and their kind words about the Ramblings were very much appreciated! I *do* love my Russian lit, which Annabel highlighted, although I try to read other books as well! And Victoria, if the reviews appear effortless that’s a wonderful accolade, but they really aren’t!

very-inspiring-blog-award-logoThe rules of the award are:

  • Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
  • List the rules and display the award.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated
  • Optional: display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you

So – seven facts about myself? Tricky!

1. I’m Scottish – born in Edinburgh though I haven’t lived there since I was 6. I still feel a strong connection and attraction to the country and would like to visit again. Bagpipes make me sentimental!

2. I come from a family of readers – my mum and dad were always reading when I grew up (although their tastes are very different from mine now!) In fact, my mum’s Mary Stewarts and the Agatha Christies lying around the house were most useful as a transition to adult books! Sadly, my dad doesn’t read any more since having two strokes a few years back, but mum still does when she has a moment!

3. I also love music – in fact, I grew up watching The Monkees TV show, and I still kind of imagine my life as having a soundtrack to it. The introduction of the Walkman was a high point in my life… Consequently:

4. I never leave home without a book and a personal music player – even if I’m not going far, I don’t like to be without reading matter or music! I panic regularly that there isn’t enough time left in my life to read all the books I want to – but I’m trying very hard to get to them!

5. I wanted to be a librarian when I grew up – but somehow I ended up as a secretary, then a mother, then working in a school office. Go figure! Mind you, if I *had* ended up working with books all day I might not love them so much… But I can still dream about running a bookshop – though I would never want to part with the books.

6. I’m a vegetarian – I converted when I was 18 and never looked back. If I had more time and willpower I would be vegan – and I mostly am, apart from the odd ingredient in some foods.

7. I have a tiny bit of an obsession (well, actually, a huge one) with Russia and its culture. I blame studying the Russian Revolution at the impressionable age of 12…

15 blogs is perhaps optimistic, but here are 10 favourites below in no particular order:

1. The Literary Sisters – a fairly new-to-me blog, posts mainly by Kirsty, who’s a voracious reader and her love of books is very infectious.

2. Yasmine Rose’s Book Blog – another new-to-me blog, and Yasmine reminds me of me when I was younger, with her strong feminist leanings and feisty views!

3. HeavenAli – Ali’s was one of the first blogs I started to follow and I share her love of Viragos and Persephones. And I’m always impressed with the breadth of her reading and her passion for Thomas Hardy!

4. Adventures in reading, writing and working at home – Liz was also an early discovery and very often our tastes coincide quite dramatically! Again, she has such a wide range of reading and always has interesting reviews.

5. Mirabile Dictu – I love to read Kat’s blog – a mixture of erudite commentary on books and tales of her escapades with her cousin!

6. Silver Threads – always an interesting read and Nancy covers a lovely range of books too!

7. JacquiWine’s Journal – Jacqui’s blog is new to me but I love the eclectic mix of wine and reading!

8. 746 Books – Cathy has undertaken the rather admirable task of reading all 746 books on her TBR – I watch in awe and envy and wish I could be so disciplined!

9. Buried in Print – I’ve followed BIP for some time. She has a wonderful tendency to focus on Canadian literature which is quite fascinating and even if I don’t always read the same authors I love to read the posts.

10. Just One More Page – Book reviews! Cats with things on heads! ‘Nuff said – great fun!

This was a fun meme – thanks for nominating me Annabel and Victoria!