Yes, I’ve failed – and abandoned a book (well, at least for the time being…)

This is the book in question:

black sun

and it comes with glowing reviews and I had high expectations of it. It’s a biography of a star of the Jazz Age, Harry Crosby, and I thought I’d sail into it and love it – no such luck. I’ve been struggling like mad and at 70-odd pages in I’m feeling totally disconnected from the subject of the book and with no real sense of what the author feels about him or is trying to convey. Oh well – wrong book at wrong time maybe. So I’m going to put it aside and try this:


My first Daunt Books book (if you see what I mean!) I can’t remember where I stumbled across it – probably on some person’s love blogs – but it sounds my sort of thing and is a very pretty French-flapped book. Daunt Books seem to be very nice, and maybe I’ll get further with this one!

As for Harry Crosby – he’s going back on the shelf till I decide I’m ready to tackle him again!