Well, the good news is that I got out of the Oxfam this week with no new volumes….

….. however, I had a little more book-finding luck in the Age Concern Charity Shop – which is not one I usually find many books in (just the odd modern Virago). However, I spotted a lovely green spine at the start of the fiction shelf and it was an Elizabeth von Arnim I don’t have (“Love”) and in excellent condition. Then I spotted another green spine a bit further along… then another. It dawned on me that someone must have been clearing out their Virago shelves (heavens!) and I ended up with eight (yes eight!) lovely green spined volumes in my arms:

The photo is a bit fuzzy (I’m not great with a camera, I confess!) so here are a few more pictures so you can see what they are:

The O’Brien is a particularly lovely cover! I think I already have the Markham but if so I shall offer the dupe on the LibraryThing Virago thread!

I’ve never seen either of these titles before, which was very exciting!

Yes, I *know* I already have two copies of “The Constant Nymph” in the house, but this one is in lovely condition and the other two are frankly not, so I’m happy to have a nice one!

Finally two Antonia Whites. I already have a complete set but may be able to upgrade the ones I have and offer these on.

The best bit? They were 99p each….. Phew!!!!!

And just in case it seems like I was favouring the Viragos, a very lovely old Pelican book on “Existentialism” just happened to fall into my shopping bag in exchange for a £1 coin:

Needless to say, I had aching shoulders and arms by the time I got home…… 🙂

Current reading:

Having just finished a wonderful review book (“The Spy who Changed the World” – review to follow later this week), I’ve gone for a complete change with “Eve Rhymes: Sylvia Plath’s Art of the Visual”, a beautiful hardback book which was a gift from Youngest Child a while back. So far it’s excellent, but it’s having the effect of making me want to re-read and re-evaluate everything of Plath’s I’ve ever read – which could be time-consuming…..