Yes – that means I’m actually considering reading plans for this month; and we all know how disastrously things like that tend to go for me! For example, I honestly intended to take part in the LibraryThing Virago group’s First World War read-along – and I’ve totally failed to read even one book for that, despite having several on the shelves. I collapsed halfway through the group read of Barbara Pym last year, and if I’ve learned anything it’s that I can’t stick to reading plans and simply having to follow my reading Muse.


However, despite that – there are two things I intend to try to read this month. The first is a Mary Hocking book. Mary sadly passed away earlier this year, and she’s a Virago author who is a particular favourite of HeavenAli, who’s designate June as RememberMary. So I intend to read the Hocking novel “A Particular Place” in support of this, and I do hope that lots of you can join in.


The second book I want to read is the second book in Proust’s “Remembrance of Things Past” sequence: “Within a Budding Grove” (as it’s titled in my volume). I was very, *very* happy to finally make my way through the first part, and I want to keep the momentum going as much as I can without excluding other books. Spacing them out to say one a month would be manageable, which is what I hope to do. Plus I will be reading alongside another LibraryThinger, Laura, and it always helps to have someone to keep you company within an epic book!!

Apart from that, I am keeping my options open. I seem to be currently enjoying a lot of European lit, and also Moomins – but whether I will stay with them all throught the month remains to be seen. Watch this space…..