Mary Hocking was a Virago author (though her books were also published by other firms) and unfortunately passed away earlier this year. Blogger Heaven-Ali is a huge fan, and has been flying the flag for Mary’s work for some time now. So it was nice to hear that she is dedicating the month of June to #rememberMary and is inviting other readers/bloggers to join in.


Hocking is often compared to Elizabeth Taylor and Barbara Pym, both of whom I’ve read and enjoyed, so I’m happy to join in. Plus, of course, it gave me the excuse for a little book shopping and I have chosen her Virago novel “A Particular Place” – the random way my reading is nowadays, it’s unlikely I’ll read more than one!

There is a nice obituary of Mary here and it seems such a shame that her work is neglected; one of the large band of writers from the last century who wrote quality books which aren’t the all-bells-and-whistles big gimmicky sellers but nevertheless deserve to be read.

So please join us in remembering Mary Hocking in June!