So there I was, congratulating myself on getting round all the charity shops in town and not spending anything. There was only one left, in the form of the Oxfam, but they haven’t had much new for weeks so I figured I was safe. And indeed, the Literature section, where I always head, hadn’t changed. However, I foolishly thought I’d cast an eye over the ordinary fiction…. Mistake!

First up, I spotted this:

summer book

Having just finished my first Jansson book “Fair Play” (review  will follow soon, promise – I have a little catching up to do!), I was obviously keen to pick up another – especially for £1.99 and in lovely nick! As I’ve just watched the really lovely BBC documentary on Jansson, I’m fighting the urge to track down Moomins…..

Then I noticed this:

radetzkyRoth is on my ‘must-buy’ list when I spot his works in any of the charity stores, and I don’t already have this…..

So I thought I would have a general browse round the shop to see if there was anything else, maybe an old Enid Blyton or the odd vintage Pelican (more of which later) – and in the travel section there was this:

morrisIt’s a Notting Hill Editions book! It’s about William Morris travelling in Iceland!! It’s edited and annotated by Lavinia Greenlaw whose “The Importance of Music to Girls” I adored!!! What’s not to love at £2.49? I would only say – who was the twit who owned it before me and turned down a few corners? And why would you want to get rid of this lovely and the others above? Oh well – their loss is my (and Oxfam’s) gain!

As for the aforementioned Pelicans – well, I *was* very excited about the impending relaunch as I have a *lot* of old blue versions on my shelves. I ordered one of the new ones, “Revolutionary Russia, 1891-1991” by Orlando Figes, to be delivered to my local Waterstones (as there was £2 off offer online) and called in on the off-chance – lo and behold, it was in! Despite not being published till next week!


Isn’t it lovely? And look at the spine:


Now I just have to fight the temptation to go online and search for old Pelicans……