Fortunately for my bank balance and the rapidly diminishing space in my house, I was incredibly restrained this weekend! I didn’t actually buy myself anything from the local Big Town (although I was tempted at times) – I *did* bring home one small volume, but it has a story attached:


Yes, it is indeed a Beverley – one of his children’s books. I was having a coffee in Cafe Nero, feeling very smug about my lack of purchases, when I thought I’d have a look at their Bookcrossing books – they’re our local host for this. Although I joined Bookcrossing years ago, I confess I’ve never done anything about it, although I am aware of the Nero books. Usually there isn’t anything to interest me (the row of Eastenders spin-offs have been sitting there for many moons) – but this is a Beverley! So I brought it home and I *will* go on Bookcrossing and do whatever you do with it.

However, here’s the problem – well, two actually! Firstly, this is the third book in a series. Secondly, it’s abridged.

So now I have to persuade myself that no, I *don’t* need to go online and seek out a complete unabridged set. No, I really *don’t*……. Sigh……. 😦