I’ve been known to ramble on about the amazing Richard Brautigan – notably here.

Let’s just say he’s one of my favourite writers, for prose like this if nothing else:

I will be very careful the next time I fall in love, she told herself. Also, she had made a promise to herself that she intended on keeping. She was never going to go out with another writer: no matter how charming, sensitive, inventive or fun they could be. They weren’t worth it in the long run. They were emotionally too expensive and the upkeep was complicated. They were like having a vacuum cleaner around the house that broke all the time and only Einstein could fix it. She wanted her next lover to be a broom.”

Brautigan’s most famous novel is probably “Trout Fishing in America”, but my favourite may be “Sombrero Fallout”, from which the above quote is taken from. Richard Brautigan was a one-off and they don’t make them like him any more.


“all of us have a place in history. mine is clouds.”

Many happy returns, Richard – wherever you are in the clouds…