I *do* love it when life and books synchronise unexpectedly!

I have been trying very hard not to amass new books recently, and have been doing quite well. However, there are times when you just can’t resist and I was particularly pleased to stumble across this in the local Oxfam bookshop:

As I’ve been reading about MacLaren-Ross’s fictional version in Anthony Powell’s “Books do Furnish a Room“, this was an ideal find!

And on further shopping news, I was absolutely unable to resist this lovely jute bag from M&S – for obvious reasons!!

No more shopping allowed till Christmas…..


Just to add to the strangeness, I rummaged on the shelves for a book to read this morning, having staggered to the end of “The Old Ways” in a state of disgruntlement (more about that to follow), and pulled out Joseph’s Conrad’s “The Secret Agent” which I picked up a little while back:

Secret Agent cover image

Turns out it’s his birthday today – so many happy returns Joseph Conrad!!