Yes, I know – Christmas is coming, I  have enough books already and no spare space, so I really *shouldn’t* be buying any more. But that’s sensible talk, and I’m not sensible when it comes to books….

So I have obtained a few more Beverley Nichols books – and there is a reason behind this!

I was browsing through a certain online auction site (as you do) and I came across the lovely copy of “Death to Slow Music”.  It was very reasonably priced and had such a beautiful cover that I felt I must snap it up – which I did, only to discover that this is in fact the third book in his detective series! So of course, being a series pedant, I will have to read these in order, which necessitated a little ordering as the local library has failed in its duty to provide me with old murder mysteries!

I’ve already had a little peek at “No Man’s Street”, the first Horatio Green story, and it does look very enjoyable. So as soon as I have finished the current book, I may well be off on a Beverley binge!