So, I have finally found 5 minutes to take snaps of the lovely finds from last week’s charity shop searches – truly, this is disastrous for the TBR, but still very satisfying. Three of these lovely books come from my favourite place, the Samaritans Charity Book shop. The staff are so lovely and helpful that they now look out for green Viragos for me, and told me last week that when they went to the central storage place to pick up more books they were trying to spot the green spines – isn’t that amazing?

Anyway, this week I came away with three nice volumes from this place – firstly:

english 1

“English Journey” by J.B. Priestley is a book I’ve wanted to read for a long time, and this nice hardback was reasonably priced and is quite an early edition – so it made its way into my shopping bag!

Next up was a green Virago by an author I’ve not read before:


in very lovely condition and saved for me by the Samaritan shop people!

I was very chuffed with my third find – a black cover Dial Press Virago!


“Mrs. Palfrey” is a book I already have, of course, but I thought it was about time I had a Dial Press Virago in my collection, and for £1this fitted the bill! Great finds at a great shop!

The other acquisition was from the Oxfam Book Shop:

wentworth I confess to being unable to remember whether I’ve actually read a Patricia Wentworth ‘Miss Silver’ but I read so many crime novels in my youth and twenties that I’m sure I must have. However, I can’t recall a single detail, so as these are classic crime stories, I’m picking them up when I come across them, hoping I will like them! So, some nice finds and now I should try to have a slight prune of the books I have but don’t really need to keep – just to free up a little more shelf space!!