I should confess up front that I’ve never really been one to plan ahead with my reading. I’ve always read on a whim, whatever my reading mojo feels it must read – and in fact if I feel I *should* read something it often puts me off. However, since starting to blog about books I have started to focus a little and plan my forthcoming reads a tiny bit – and I have often managed to stick to the plans! I greatly admire those who can decide what they’re going to read for the next month (or indeed the next 12 months) and then stay on track.

Having said that, I am going to set myself a few goals for 2013:

1. Read more books from the TBR – and conversely try to purchase a few less…

2. Heavenali and lots of other lovely LibraryThing VMC group members are having a Barbara Pym readalong for 2013 and so I shall be joining in and reading a Pym a month – as the books I have by Pym are on the TBR this will help with goal 1!

3. Simon at Stuck in a Book is having a group read of Julia Strachey’s “Cheerful Weather for the Wedding” in January – as I have already read this book once, I shall join in and this will help with goal 4:

4. Heavenali is hosting a month of re-reading in January – which I think is an admirable thing to do because as she rightly points out, “That first experience of a book can’t be entirely re-created, but it can be enhanced.”  I won’t commit completely to re-reading only, but I shall re-read as many titles as I can fit in alongside my new reading.

5. I have started to collect Anthony Powell’s “Dance to the Music of Time” sequence, aiming to get a set in lovely vintage orange Penguin. As there are 12 books, I’ve decided to commit to reading one a month. They are, after all, slim volumes and I think I should be able to manage this – and it is less intimidating than sitting down to read all 12 in one session!

So, to specific books for January:


Some Tame Gazelle – the first of the Barbara Pym titles

A Question of Upbringing – the first of the Anthony Powells

Cheerful Weather for the Wedding – I have this lovely Penguin version

happy m
Happy Moscow – a new translation by Robert Chandler which is therefore a re-read (as I read the previous translation from the library) and a new read!

ivan denis
One Day In The Life of Ivan Denisovich – another dual purpose book as this is also a new translation

Other possibles on the soon-to-be-read-hopefully pile are in the picture below – whether I get to them or get distracted is another matter, especially as there are all the Christmas and birthday books to think of. I think I need a month off work to catch up……

jan possibles