Peter S at Sofacents has kindly nominated me for a second Liebster award – which is very lovely and I’m sorry to have taken so long to get round to answering the questions. I’m not sure I can come up with 11 random interesting facts or indeed nominate another 11 bloggers, but anyway here are my answers:

1 – Why do you blog ?

A couple of reasons really. Mainly to record my enthusiasms about books and to help me think a little more deeply about what I read, clarifying my thoughts and feelings about the works. Also, I find interacting with the book blogging community great fun – I’ve come across some wonderful blogs and people through LibraryThing and the wider world of literary book blogs – they’ve pointed me in the direction of some fantastic books and authors, and I’d like to try to do the same and give a little back.

2 – Do you tell your family and friends about your blog ?

Not as yet! I was a little nervous about starting up doing this – maybe when I feel a little more confident!

3 – What are your plans for 2013 ?

See my post on my reading plans! I really have to try to curb my buying habits and read from my tbr – wish me luck! (Another resolution must be to try not to use so many exclamation marks…)

4 – Has your taste in music changed over the years ?

Yes and no – some music which I really love has stayed with me and I still listen to it regularly. But some has proved to be a passing phase and I can’t listen to it now. I still love several eighties groups, like Ultravox, OMD and Simple Minds, all of whom I’ve seen or am seeing this year playing live – great stuff! I confess that the majority of modern mainstream stuff leaves me cold – but then I guess it’s not aimed at someone of my age anyway!

5 – If you had to choose between being invisible or being able to fly which would you choose ?

I think invisible – the ability to travel through the world unobserved would be fun!  (although flying might get me to Russia sooner – see below)

6 – If you were an animal which animal would you be ?

Snowy from Tintin.

7 – Do you collect anything ?

Apart from books, do you mean?! I’m very fond of mid-century modernist stuff like 60s and 70s patterned Pyrex and confess to having far too much of it lurking round the house. It’s turning up a lot in charity shops at the moment, though it’s hard sometimes to find a particular pattern in good condition. When you’re after something specific, eBay can be a dangerous place.

8 – If you had a time machine, which time in history would you like to go to ?

Probably the Russian Revolution, as I’ve had a fascination with the country and its history and literature since my early teens. It would be a little scary but if I was invisible I guess it would be ok!


9 – Would you travel to a country where you do not speak the language ?

Yes and it would be Russia again – I would love to visit the country, but I think I would have to arm myself with a very detailed phrasebook and practice some stuff in advance (or take a very good translator as a travelling companion).

10 – What’s your favorite tree ?

Willow – I guess because I have early memories of sitting under willow trees in Edinburgh’s Botanical Gardens with my grandmother.

11 – What was the last movie you saw ?

Haven’t been to the cinema in years, but the last film I watched on TV was “Howl”, the movie about Allan Ginsberg, which I loved.


Phew! Some interesting questions there. Thanks for nominating me Peter (and be sure to check out his blog here)