The slight gap in posts here is due to the fact that I’ve been off, with Youngest Child, to visit Middle Child in Leicester for a couple of days. We managed also to fit in a short call at the Aged Parents’ residence, which was lovely, as we haven’t seen them for a while. Middle Child has just completed her degree and is about to start fearsomely hard work on teacher training, so we figured it would be best to make our trip before the start of the new term.

Leicester is a rather nice city – very multicultural and very, very friendly. Everyone you seem to encounter, from people on buses to people in shops and cafes is just really nice. Maybe this is a by-product of a place being a University town, but I like it a lot. What I also like about Leicester is its book-shopping facilities (of course!) As well as a number of second-hand bookshops, there is also a good collection of charity shops. Needless to say, I had a good browse and came back with a few irresistible treasures. One of my favourite shops is the Loros Charity Bookshop:

Most books are priced at £2 and there is an excellent selection – I had to reject quite a few and spent just as much time prioritising and decided what I could manage to carry back home as I did browsing. So here are some pictures of my finds, and not all came from Loros.

First up, the Viragos. There were some very hard decisions to be made as I came across a lot of Viragos and couldn’t possible have them all:

The first four are rather lovely though – a beautiful hardback of “Diary of a Provincial Lady” (which many LibraryThing members seem to think you can never have too many of – and I’m starting to agree) – this was only £1 and so a bargain; a Margaret Atwood I don’t have (which is a novelty in itself as I thought I had everything); “The Tortoise and the Hare” by Elizabeth Jenkins; and “The Young Rebecca”, which sounded very interesting.

Then we have a couple of Christa Wolfs – my buying in Leicester was slightly dictated by whether the titles were ones I often saw second-hand, and these I certainly haven’t seen about in my usual haunts.

Next up, “I Will Not Serve” – a slim little Virago I’d not heard of, and it sounded intriguing.

That was all on the Virago front. However, I did come across some lovely old crime Penguins:

The Maigrets are particularly irresistible – I find I can’t put them down and usually read them in one sitting.

This is a miscellaneous selection – “The Moon and Sixpence” because it’s not in the set of Somerset Maugham I recently got; “Eating People is Wrong” because it looks nice and sounded funny; and the Ivy Compton-Burnett because I like that style of Penguin and I liked the first few pages!

Finally, “Berlin Noir” – this is highly rated and I like a good crime thriller. Since it was very, very cheap I thought I would give it a try.

So all in all, Leicester was a good book-buying city! It was lovely to see Middle Child and inspect the new house she’s moved into for her last year studying. I think she was a little shocked at the amount of books I picked up, but as I pointed out I read several just in the short time I stayed with her!