This month, as part of the Elizabeth Taylor Centenary Celebrations, we are discussing her seventh novel, “In A Summer Season”. Published in 1960, the book tells the story of a summer in the life of Kate Heron and her family and the changes that take place over these months. I should state now that until joining the LibraryThing Virago group earlier this year, I hadn’t read any of Elizabeth Taylor’s work but it was these celebrations which inspired me to do so – and I’m very glad! I have only read the ones we have discussed so far, so my comments on her work are based on these, and a reading of Nicola Beauman’s biography. My copy of “In A Summer Season” was very kindly provided by Ali not long after I had joined LibraryThing, for which many thanks!

Note – There *will* be spoilers!

– but these might be more from ET’s first six novels than from the one we are discussing – although they may creep into a later week!

I’m going to try to post every Friday and as there are five of these in August at the moment the plan is roughly like this:

Week 1 – Death (and Wreaths!)
Week 2 – Love and Marriage (or the Lack of It)
Week 3 – The Review!
Week 4 – Art Imitating Life (or Vice Versa)
Week 5 – Round up

Bear in mind this is only a plan – as I’ve found during July when trying to plan my reading (and re-reading), things rarely go as we anticipate!  As usual, if you review the book, don’t forget to add your link to host Laura’s Mr. Linky page here. Happy reading!