I had a feeling that attempting plan a month’s reading was tempting fate, and sure enough….. a spanner has been well and truly thrown into the works thanks to my OH’s generosity!

OH is not a Book Person (though he does read) – he is a Major Film Buff! However, he has known me long and well enough to know that books as gifts are always a Good Thing. So for our anniversary he has presented me with something I have been coveting for quite a while, a lovely sets of all 16 Dickens novels in matching Vintage covers! What Dickens I have is in tatty mismatched covers and by no means complete, and seeing this lovely set for a very reasonable price in the Book People catalogue has had me pining for it for a while. I rather hoped the couple of hints I dropped would bear fruit, and they did as the books were duly presented, together with a little specially constructed shelf to hold them (which will sit on top of another unit) and some very Miss Havisham muslin pieces “to keep the dust off them”.


So what to read next? 16 enticing volumes sitting looking at me, crying “Read me”. I knew the July plan was too good to be true….