I’ve recently been gathering in more green Virago Modern Classics than my bookshelves can really take – a tendency encouraged by joining the LibraryThing Virago Modern Classics group! I started reading them from the very beginning, my first purchase being their first book, Antonia White’s Frost in May. They do publish some amazing books and I’ve read through some wonderful volumes recently, courtesy of Virago.

However, this volume:


had so far managed to escape me. I believe it is quite hard to come by in Virago form, so much so that Daunt Books have recently republished it. A quick look on eBay, Amazon and Abebooks confirmed this – the prices were £20, £30, £40 upwards for only acceptable copies. So I settled for an orange Penguin version, although I still rather coveted the Virago.

Imagine my delight the other day, then, whilst doing a regular book browse online to come across a copy listed for 65p plus postage on Abebooks. To say I did a double-take is an understatement. Although there was nothing listed about the condition, I snapped it up and waited for the book’s arrival.

It came today and has to be in the best nick of all the Viragos I’ve bought recently – absolutely amazing! I’m more chuffed than I’d like to admit – I know it’s silly, but I am a bit particular about the editions I read.

Yay the Internet!